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At Kents Hill School we are committed to the idea that understanding and interacting responsibly with our natural environment leads to a greater sense of stewardship.

What better place than Kents Hill School for students to study the environment?

With mountains to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and with lakes bordering both sides of the 600 acre wooded campus, students at Kents Hill School are poised and eager to learn about their natural environment. In addition, the nearby colleges of Colby, Bates and Bowdoin as well as the state capital, Augusta, provide unique local and state resources for classes, speakers and programs.

Responsible stewards of our natural heritage...
Kents Hill's distinctive Environmental Studies Program requires every student to complete one environmental studies course, as part of the school's mission to make each student aware of his responsibility as a steward of his environment. Students can take classes in the following areas:
      AP Environmental Science 
          Environmental Art and Design
          Environmental Resource Use
          Environmental Ethics                    
          Conservation Biology
          Literature of Place          
          Lake Ecology
          Field Biology                                
          Environmental Wood Sculpture
            Environmental Literature
Graduation Requirement: 1/3 credit



“The Environmental Studies program at Kents Hill School endeavors to educate our students using an interdisciplinary approach. Curricula are presented across academic departments including the sciences, humanities and the arts. These classroom offerings are expanded throughout the campus through the outing club, field-based classes, residential recycling, activism and guest lectures. Focus is on the student developing a ‘sense of place and stewardship’ within the beautiful and ecologically diverse landscape to which Kents Hill belongs.”

Matthew Moore, Coordinator

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