I am a Prospective: Student Parent

Graduation Requirement: None

Course of Study:
  • Digital Literacy & Politics
  • Graphic Design, Advanced Graphic Design
  • Digital Imaging
  • Digital Film Making
Questions: E-mail the Director of Studies, Mr. Christopher Gibson, at cgibson@kentshill.org.
"Technology is viewed as an integral part of Kents Hill School, a fact that is reflected in the curriculum. Basic technology competencies such as Internet research, word processing, spreadsheets and presentations are not taught as individual courses, but integrated into the academic disciplines. This way, the student masters the core technology skills in a much more effective manner. We do offer specialized technology electives, such as web design, computer graphics, desktop publishing, and other specialized courses. In the near future we hope to offer a sequence of courses leading to the Advanced Placement exam in Technology."

Christopher Gibson, Director of Studies

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