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The Kents Hill Modern Language Department is dedicated to fostering our students’ language ability and confidence. We recognize the important role that learning a foreign language plays in helping our students become global citizens.  We believe that language learning should be a lifetime pursuit and we teach language-learning strategies which our students can use in our classes and in the future. Students are exposed to grammar and vocabulary in the target language through authentic reading, writing, listening and cultural activities. We emphasize the importance of interpersonal communication and the interpretation of authentic documents and encourage the use of the target language in the classroom. We believe that language and cultural immersion are important aspects in language learning and acquisition and to that end we offer student exchanges and trips to countries that speak the language of study. As a department we hope to impart our passion for the languages we teach, for the cultures associated with these languages, and for the structure and patterns of language in general.


Graduation Requirement: 2 credits of a modern language at the high school level and completion of level II of the same language. 3-4 credits are strongly recommended.

Course of Study:
Spanish I/French I

Spanish II/French II

Spanish/French III

Spanish/French IV

AP Spanish

Chinese I & II

Study Abroad:  Kents Hill has exchange programs in Paris, France and Madrid, Spain where students spend two weeks during March break with counterpart families, take part in local school life, and explore the region and culture.  In September students from France and Spain spend two weeks at Kents Hill.  Other trips to Spanish and French speaking countries also occur during school breaks.

Read about the 2012 trips to Quebec and Spain

Clubs:  Spanish, French, and Chinese clubs

The Modern Languages Department at Kents Hill will be hosting its fourth foreign language conference in 2012. If interested in participating, please contact Dr. Michael Brackett (mbrackett@kentshill.org)

Questions:E-mail Dr. Michael Brackett, Chair Modern Language Department, at mbrackett@kentshill.org

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