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The mission of the Kents Hill athletic program is to provide an opportunity for all students, regardless of athletic ability, to regularly exercise while learning personal and athletic skills.  It is a proven fact that routine exercise is important; it helps weight control, prevents sickness, boosts energy, improves mood and sleep patterns and enhances learning.  Competition is also vital, as it provides another avenue of learning and an increased need for time management skills.  Sportsmanship, discipline, leadership, and teamwork are introduced and reinforced daily.  These skills help the students long after they leave Kents Hill School.  Through practices and competitions, students will become better athletes and maintain a level of physical fitness, which is intended to promote an increase in confidence, achievement, and self-esteem.



Athletic Requirements 2015-2016

All students who wish to participate in three terms of competitive athletics are encouraged to do so. The minimum requirement is that students participate in a program for all three seasons and two of those seasons must be in an “A” category program.   The following are the competitive and non-competitive athletic opportunities offered at Kents Hill School:


“A” Category

“B” Category


Independent Activity




“A” Category activity and can be participated in all three trimesters if desired 


Coed Soccer and Fitness 

Includes a co-ed soccer game schedule with other MAISAD schools and daily fitness activities such as frisbee golf, tennis, capture the flag, kick ball.



Indoor Outdoor Fitness

Open to upperclass students who are interested in working on personal fitness and are available to assist the athletic department with all game day operations (running game clocks, field clean-up, running lines for soccer and lacrosse, football chains, etc)


Athletic Dept Assistance 

daily tasks in fitness center and laundry room, media support, game day operations

An Independent Activity, if approved by the AD, will be categorized as either an A or B commitment, depending on the competitiveness of the program and the frequency of participation.

If the activity is deemed a category B commitment, it can only be participated in by upperclass students.


Independent activities should be a program that the school does not offer.


Students may only participate in one independent activity annually. 


Proposal forms for any independent activity may be obtained from the Athletic Department by email or in person. This form must be submitted to the Director of Athletics, (dfriedman@kentshill.org) one week prior to the start of that season.




Boys Soccer (V, JV)

Coed Cross Country

Coed Equestrian

Coed Soccer and Fitness

Coed Golf

Coed Mtn Biking (V, JV)

Coed Outing Club

Coed Trail Crew


Girls Field Hockey

Girls Soccer (V, JV)


Indoor Outdoor Fitness


Independent Activity


Team Manager


Boys Basketball (V, JV)

Boys Ice Hockey (V, JV)

Coed Fencing

Coed Alpine Skiing (V, JV)

Coed Snowboarding (V, JV)

Girls Basketball

Girls Ice Hockey




Athletic Dept Assistance 


Independent Activity


Indoor/Outdoor Fitness and Yoga


Team Manager



Boys Baseball (V, JV)

Boys Lacrosse (V, JV)

Boys Tennis (V, JV)

Coed Elite Fencing

Coed Outing Club

Girls Lacrosse

Girls Softball

Girls Tennis (V, JV)



 Urban Dance


Coed Tennis and Fitness

(recreational tennis and daily fitness, no contests)


Independent Activity


Team Manager

 For more information on these athletic/activity options, please contact the Athletic Director at dfriedman@kentshill.org.


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