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Testing Preparation & Registration

Kents Hill is fully committed to providing students with a variety of ways to prepare themselves for standardized testing. 

In-Class Preparation
Juniors and seniors/postgraduates spend time during English and math classes preparing for upcoming SATs. Juniors who take advanced level courses are also encouraged to register for and practice for the SAT Subject Test in these areas. 

Method Test Prep
Method Test Prep is a SAT and ACT online test preparation program which Kents Hill students use as part of the college counseling process. All students gain access to the program early in the junior year as part of the Junior Seminar class, but if students want to use Method Test Prep earlier they may request to have access. The Method Test Prep program offers students many avenues to approach their preparation whether an in-depth 12 week program or shorter, subject specific lessons.

Test Registration

Kents Hill School registers all students for SAT, the SAT Subject Test, ACT's, AP's, and TOEFL. Kents Hills is a SAT, ACT, and TOEFL test site. Juniors create College Board and/or ACT accounts during the Junior Seminar class in the fall of the 11th grade year. During this class students will complete a testing plan as they move forward with their college applications. This allows the Testing Coordinator to know which tests students will take as they move through the college application process.


Postgraduate and single year 12th graders will provide their College Board and/or ACT account information over the summer and have a discussion of their testing plans for the fall with the Director of College Counseling or the Testing Coordinator.

Kents Hill School is a TOEFL test site. Students who need to take the TOEFL test should contact the Testing Coordinator at least one month before the desired test date. Kents Hill’s TOEFL site is closed to the public and all test registrations must be done through the Testing Coordinator.

Extended Time Testing
Arrangements for extended time testing must be made through the Director of the Learning Center and Testing Coordinator. Arrangements must be made at least six months prior to the testing date. For first time testers, the Director of the Learning Center must be forwarded all pertinent testing needed to apply for testing accommodations. SAT and ACT are two separate companies and each have different processes and standards for determining whether a student will be approved for testing accommodations. 

Contact Information

For further information about testing, please contact the Testing Coordinator:

Graham Paine

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