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Kents Hill's Health Center provides medical and emotional support to students on campus.

A school nurse or nurse practitioner is on campus during the day for 12 hours, and on call the remaining 12 hours, seven days a week. Kents Hill's school doctor, who is in practice in the local community, is also on call through the Health Center and visits the school once a week.

The Health Center staff have extensive medical experience and training. They can make referrals to the school doctor, to the hospital for X-rays, to outside counselors and to any other health providers. The nurses also give immunizations and are responsible for all student medications. Parents are strongly encouraged to review the specific policies and procedures in the Kents Hill handbook. 

For health insurance information for domestic students please click here

For health insurance information for international students please click here

Confidential Counseling
Besides getting health care and medical answers, many students take advantage of the Health Center when they need someone to talk to.

A licensed, trained counselor is either on-campus or on call 24 hours a day. The counseling center is a safe place with no strings attached, which students take advantage of when they need someone to listen.

The nurses and counselors maintain confidentiality about student health issues, as well as other matters students may choose to discuss with them.

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