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Morning Meeting

Kents Hill is a community that is committed to treat each person with respect and kindness.

Four days a week the entire community comes together in the Newton Performing Arts Center for Morning Meeting.  Morning Meeting is a time for the entire community to meet, to talk, to share, to inform and to educate each other.

The Student Body President and the Head of School share in leading Morning Meeting, and the Student Council frequently uses Morning Meeting to update the community on their initiatives and programs.

Morning Meeting varies from day to day - you never know what is going to happen!

On any day, the community could be:

  • Learning about prominent African-Americans from The Group - the school's diversity club - in their Martin Luther King Jr. Day presentation
  • Finding out about meganumbers with the Math department
  • Trying to win the College Counseling Jeopardy game - fabulous prizes, too!
  • Learning about the Darfur genocide and the problems in the DRC from the Amnesty International club
  • Presenting the NEPSAC Soccer Championship Trophy to the Head of School
  • Signing student/faculty teams up for the Student Council's Dodgeball Tournament
  • Trying to Samba with the Modern Languages department
  • Singing "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating a birthday that day
  • Taking up the Envirothon Challenge
  • Watching the Digital Photography and Digital Imaging classes' presentations
  • Listening to a student's "This I Believe" essay
  • Publicizing upcoming club meetings and activities
  • Discussing Community Life issues in small groups

Morning Meeting is also a time to see your advisor.  Advisors and advisees sit together and check in with each other at every Morning Meeting.


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