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Frequenty Asked Questions

Q. Do you accept the Boarding Schools Common Application?

A.  Yes. Kents Hill accepts the Boarding Schools Common Application.


Q.  Is a campus visit required?

A.  Campus visits are a very important part of the admission process at Kents Hill. Any applicant who is able to visit our campus should do so. Please call the office to schedule a tour and a campus interview.


Q.  What is the best time to visit Kents Hill?

A.  We offer campus visits year round. The BEST time, however, is when our students are in classes. 


Q.  How long will our campus visit last?

A.  Most visits last around two hours. The first half of a visit consists of a student guided tour of campus. After your tour of campus, you will return to the Admissions Office for an interview with one of our Admissions officers.


Q.  Are interviews required?

A.  The interview is a required piece of our application. We prefer that it be done in person, but it can be done via Skype or telephone if necessary.


Q.  Is any testing required?

A.  The SSAT is recommended for incoming freshmen. For incoming seniors and postgraduates SAT scores are required. Please contact the College Board and ask the scores to be sent to Kents Hill. If you have had any educational testing conducted, please submit this with your application.


Q.  Can I attend classes or spend a day at Kents Hill?

A.  Yes!  Kents Hill is happy to arrange full and half-day visits. These visits can include classes, morning meeting, and lunch.


Q.  Does Kents Hill provide financial aid?

A.  Yes. Kents Hill provides need-based financial assistance.


Q.  How do I get to and from Kents Hill on long weekends and vacations?

A.  There is a chartered bus that takes students to and picks up students from South Station and Logan Airport in Boston. The school also provides transportation to and from the Portland Jetport and train/bus station and the Augusta bus station.


Q.  May I speak to current families about Kents Hill?

A.  Sure! We would be happy to put you in touch with a Kents Hill family. They have some of the best insights into the Kents Hill experience.

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