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Tuition & Fees

A Kents Hill education is an investment, and the school is mindful of the sacrifices that all families make to support their children in receiving the very best college preparatory education possible. Kents Hill offers various payment plans and loan options to allow flexibility for families to invest in their children's futures.

Kents Hill has developed a number of different payment options in order to allow a wide variety of families to invest in their children's futures. We offer need-based financial aid, payment plans, loans and scholarships in order to enable as many students as possible to attend Kents Hill.

We are proud of the financial support that we are able to offer, thanks to the generosity of parents, trustees, alumni, foundations and friends. Approximately 45% of students at Kents Hill School receive some form of financial help in attending Kents Hill.

Boarding Tuition: $53,600
Day Tuition: $29,100

Supplemental Programs
The following programs all have supplementary fees in addition to the yearly tuition:
Learning Skills (Level I: four days per week):  $10,900
Learning Skills (Level II: two days per week):  $7,100
ESL Program: $8,300
International Program: $1,500
International Program
Starting with the 2015-16 Academic Year we introduced an annual international program fee, $1500, for newly enrolled international students. 

Students currently enrolled at Kents Hill School will not have to pay this fee.

Included in this fee is the cost of I-20 processing and mailing, as well as ongoing support for I-20 issues. It also covers the cost of English placement testing required of all international students (both new and returning) upon arrival to Kents Hill School whether it be at the start of the academic year or during the year. 

In addition, the international program fee includes a comprehensive international student orientation and training for Student Ambassadors, cultural trips and activities in New England, travel oversight and assistance, arrangement of home stays (there is no additional charge for home stays), and specialized college counseling, including assistance with the arrangement of college visits and transportation. 

Tuition Refund Plan
If a student permanently leaves the school during the academic year, our Tuition Refund Plan provides a pro-rated refund of unused tuition under certain conditions. Special circumstances apply; a copy of the plan, administered by Dewar, is mailed with all tuition contracts. A Tuition Refund Plan is required for Kents Hill School.

Other Anticipated Expenses
Textbooks, course fees and required supplies: $800-1,000
Day student transportation (per trimester): $500
Boarding student laundry card: $50
Small Ensemble Music Instruction: $20/session

Tuition Deposits
Kents Hill requires a non-refundable deposit of $3,500 for all students to reserve space for the next school year. $2,500 of the deposit will be applied toward tuition, and $1,000 will be applied to the student's MyKidsSpending Account.

Payment Options

For your convenience, Kents Hill School offers three different payment options:
1. Single Payment: Payment of Tuition & Fees plus the cost of the Tuition Refund Plan is made on or before July 1 or the subsequent enrollment date. A discount of 1% may be taken for payment in full by check or wire transfer.
2. Two Payments: Pay 60% of the Tuition & Fees plus the cost of the Tuition Refund Play by July 1 and pay the remaining 40% by December 1. This is a very popular option for those with seasonal incomes or for families needing more flexibility in the payment schedule. A $100 setup fee is charged to the student's account.
3. Monthly Payments: Families pay in equal installments, starting June 5 and ending March 15, through FACTS Tuition Management Service. Late enrollment in the plan is possible, but all payments must be completed by March 15. The Tuition Refund Plan fee is included in these monthly payments, and a $100 setup fee is charged to the student's account. This payment plan requires the use of automatic payment from a bank account (ACH). Families make monthly, no-interest payments.

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