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Luther Sampson, pictured here, is a Revolutionary War veteran who comes to Kents Hill from Duxbury, Massachusetts. A carpenter who has not had formal education, he wants to use the wealth he has acquired for the benefit of society and glory of God.

Elihu (pictured here) and Susanna Robinson open a school for young men interested in the ministry at their Augusta home.

In 1821, Sampson builds the "New House" for one of his daughters near his own, which will become the home of the Robinsons and the first school building a few years later. Although the house is added onto significantly in the coming years, the original part survives to this day. Today the house is known as the 1821 House.



Sampson and the Robinsons join forces to start a school. They want to better society through education and to prepare educated, literate, skilled preachers for the ministry. The school formally opens with the title Maine Wesleyan Seminary in the spring of 1824; several of the first students are girls, making Kents Hill one of the oldest originally co-educational private schools in the country. The original building is pictured here with the 1836 addition.

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